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readMy mission started here

It was in high school that God gave me a deeper understanding of his grace and helped me to see the great need for this news to be known throughout the world. After completing a degree in Geology, I knew I couldn't be a missionary overseas until I could be one where I was. Over the next five years, God graciously gave me boldness to share the gospel with friends in the mining industry, and a growing conviction that I was ready to serve him overseas.

I then studied at Sydney Missionary and Bible College (SMBC) before working for my local church and for the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) at Universities in Sydney and Orange.

God's Mission in Ireland

Disillusionment with the established church, materialism, and the global financial crisis have created a deep sense of hopelessness in Ireland. Many people are searching for meaning, but the evangelical church in Ireland comprises less than 1% of the population.

With over 250,000 young people attending universities across Ireland, the potential to reach students with the gospel is tremendous. These university students are the future leaders of Irish society and, God-willing, the evangelical church.

Currently there are four university staff workers serving on 19 campuses in the Republic. I'm excited to be working with CMS (Church Missionary Society) and IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) Ireland to help proclaim Christ, disciple students to Christian maturity, and train students for a lifetime of service to Jesus and his church.

This is an amazing time to be sharing the true freedom, grace and life that comes only through Jesus with Irish students. I'd love for you to partner with me as I serve with CMS to proclaim Christ on university campuses in Ireland.

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