Fighting For the Other Side

Written by Anthony Douglas on 05 August 2017.

We’ve heard it all before, of course.

“It’s time to settle this issue.” “It’s going to happen eventually, so let’s just get on with it.” “You were elected to make these kind of decisions.”

The translation: “You must be tired of hearing the same demands.” “We will keep on agitating until we get our way, so you might as well give up.” “...That is, to make the decision that I want.” This has been the strategy for decades, to keep pushing and pushing for the next inch of legislative gain, and to label each step as progress.

Press OnAnd so the same-sex marriage issue is back in the headlines once more, and once again we’re tired of hearing about it. Why is it allowed to displace domestic violence and entrenched homelessness? The continued plight of refugees denied refuge?

I’m tired of talking about it. The strategy is sound; we’re tempted to just give up. But we cannot. Someone has to fight for the other side. Someone has to fight to protect them from greater delusion, greater complacency. It is always right to seek the good of others. “If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles,” Jesus told us.

The Liberal Party meets to discuss the question again tomorrow. If you’d like to express your opinion, the Australian Christian Lobby has set up a tool to email it to our local MP and state senators at

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