Of Misunderstandings

Written by Anthony Douglas on 18 November 2017.

The news this week has been all about redefinitions, and changing how words are understood. The results of the postal survey have come back, and align pretty closely with what the polls have been saying.

Amidst all the hoopla, it’s become even clearer that the world hasn’t quite understood what Christians believe. Apparently, we have been given quite a shock this week, being forced to discover that millions of our fellow citizens disagree with us on the nature of marriage. I’m not sure why we should be thought surprised on this score, given that so many also disagree with us on the ethics of adultery and ambition. Rather, what we’ve seen this week is old news. Paul predicted the outcome of this poll back in Romans 1:21-23. The only real surprise is how long it has taken to reach this point.

Red AppleThe other misunderstanding revolves around the meaning of victory and of defeat. The headlines all spoke of a defeat for the ‘no’ case: numbers don’t lie. Yet we did not lose: we spoke the truth, out of love for our neighbours. The results have only vindicated what the Bible teaches. The losers in this survey are those who now are exulting. Tragically, they are now further confirmed in their alienation from God and in their approval of what is not in line with his purposes. A majority of Australian voters have spoken on what is right, and so of course it must be right. Right?

It’s been this way since a sheila ate a fruit she’d been forbidden, and her bloke ate too. They thought they’d know good and evil ... but they were deceived.

Pray for those who believe they won, but are lost in unbelief.

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