The Pits Fall

Written by Anthony Douglas on 10 December 2017.

Let’s be honest: life is pretty good for us. While there are those who are homeless, or unemployed, or lonely, or socially outcast, on the whole, Australia is a pretty comfortable place to live. Food and shelter are readily available, and the divisions within our society are relatively minor compared to other nations.

PitfallThat means that we are particularly sensitive to suffering. When something goes wrong, it’s shocking. Unexpected. We call it the pits, I suspect, because it’s a big drop that comes out of nowhere.

In situations that are so unsettling, it’s easy for me to start wondering just what God is up to. Surely he should look after one of his people better than this, right? I mean, what kind of omnipotent and gracious deity drops the ball?

So the wise Christian will think these issues through before the day of disaster arrives, and be prepared. We’ll know not to fall into the devil’s trap and start doubting God. We’ll be prepared to trust God and his mercy.

And we’ll think that means we’ve handled our suffering well when it comes...and we’ll be wrong. We’ll have dodged the feint but missed the real danger. Suffering, even when borne with great faith, has the tendency to narrow our focus. We’ll be so concerned with maintaining our relationship with God that we won’t even notice we’ve stopped caring about our brothers and sisters around the world.

God calls us to have a heart for others, even when we are in the midst of suffering ourselves. In fact, I believe we know someone who was the perfect example of precisely that...

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