Written by Anthony Douglas on 30 March 2018.

Broken StumpsIt’s been all over the news all week - in fact, you could be forgiven for thinking it was the only news all week. Members of Australia’s men’s cricket team were caught red-handed (or perhaps, yellow-handed and red-faced) in the act of tampering with the ball they were using in a Test match against South Africa.

The howls of outrage and despair began almost instantly. Never has it been clearer how dearly Australian society worships its sporting idols, and how vengefully we will turn on them when we find that they’re only human after all.

They were cheating, and it could not be borne. The punishments began to roll thick and fast, and players used to making millions every year were suddenly losing them in a matter of days. Ball-tampering, it seems, isn’t just unfair, but also intolerable.

Which brings us to Easter and what was achieved by Jesus’ death on a Roman cross. The Bible is clear: our offences against God are of a scale and magnitude that we cannot escape, and he sees them better than any cameraman. We were rightly condemned, and our due punishment would not have just excluded us from the team, but from life itself.

At this point, our rescuer steps in. Jesus single-handedly confounds the effects of humanity’s fall into sin, and bears the reproach of God for us. Death will not have us; the umpire declares us not out.

It is not in the least bit fair, and thank God for that.

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