To The Rescue

Written by Anthony Douglas on 29 July 2018.

RostronA little-known detail from the Titanic disaster: it was very nearly so much worse. The survivors were rescued by the ship Carpathia, whose radio operator had completely missed the original distress calls sent by Titanic - they came in after he finished up for the night. As he prepared for bed, however, he switched on his radio on a whim and discovered what had taken place.

He rushed the news to the captain, Arthur Rostron, who immediately ordered a change of course, and sent the whole crew scurrying to be ready for a rescue mission. He and his engineer managed the ship’s engines so well that they had it moving 25% faster than its maximum speed. In a pitch black, moonless night, with icebergs known to be all over his route, he raced to the rescue. The risks were extreme, but Rostron, a devout Christian, didn’t hesitate. He had been captain of the ship for less than three months, but he knew exactly what to do.

Once all the orders were issued and preparations for the rescue operation were in hand, Rostron found a quiet corner and prayed. He would later explain the safe passage of his ship to the rescue site by testifying, “I can only conclude another hand than mine was on the helm.”

When we know of those lost in darkness, facing certain death, God’s people hurry to their aid. It might be costly and it’s never convenient, but how could we do anything less? After all: Jesus is the one we follow, and that’s the nature of his path to the cross.

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