Beginning of an Era

Written by Anthony Douglas on 04 November 2018.

GloversToday is the final Sunday for Andrew and Liz Glover at St George’s in Gerringong, after almost twenty-one years of dedicated, self-giving service to the parish. Andrew was also the senior minister for St Peter’s when we were a branch church, overseeing the rebuilding of the church after it was destroyed by fire in his first week, and then encouraging and enabling the growth of our church to become its own parish.

Yesterday I was able to be at their farewell, and to hear what I already knew: that they are well loved, because they have loved well. There were memories shared, and much thanks to God for the last couple of decades.

The wisest thing said, I believe, came from Andrew’s assistant minister, Jon Clare. Having echoed the kind reflections of others, he declared his excitement for their new church. Everything that we’ll miss about Andrew and Liz will be a blessing for ICF - the International Christian Fellowship in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

It’s not just the end of an era for Gerringong, but also the beginning of a new era in Phnom Penh. Once again, the Glovers will be giving of themselves to bring love and joy founded on the gospel into a new community. Just as they did for us, for more than a decade.

Just as Jesus has done, from all eternity.

We have much to be thankful for in the Glovers, but so many times more in our Lord. And we look forward to the beginning of that new era, when he comes in the fullness of his kingdom, and there are no more goodbyes to be said.

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