Wind Powered Faith

Written by Anthony Douglas on 09 December 2018.

Wind PowerAs we were setting up for simply christmas last night, there was a bit of breeze about, making for a challenge. Things blew away, such as sheet music, and other things blew over. Winds can be powerful, even when not especially strong.

It reminded me of some of the stuff wind does. The breeze was certainly nice on a hot day, keeping us all cool and refreshed. That is perhaps wind at its most appreciated - wind as a source of pleasure. Kite-flyers, sailors, and people with far too much washing to dry all are glad of wind.

But we have greater reason than that. Wind, after all, is what enables us to speak to each other. Without the ability to speak words, we would be strangers to one another, able to observe but never understand those around us. Wind saves us from such loneliness.

And of course, wind is also the air we breathe. Without fresh air reaching our lungs, we could not live for even an hour. It’s a simple but essential ingredient in our existence.

There’s nothing to it, but it means everything to us - life, love, and joy are just the beginning. It’s the most insubstantial part of God’s creation, yet literally vital. We can’t see it, but it changes our lives. And if we must be thankful for even that which we cannot see, how much more all the blessings that abound in what we see around us?

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