Believe, Love, Remain - KYCK 2019

Written by Anthony Douglas on 05 May 2019.

KYCK 19Kyck is the highlight of our SPY calendar. We love the sessions. Being encouraged to stand firm in our faith at school, connecting with God’s people, and being reminded again and again that God loves us so much that he sent Jesus! Last weekend, 20 of us set out for Katoomba to sit under God’s word, sing praises to our great God and help each other to stand firm in the love of God in all circumstances… with 2500 other youth and leaders.

Some headlines from the talks on John 14-17 were:
•  You have to have both feet on the skateboard that is Jesus
•  School won’t be waiting to cheer you on when you get back for being a Christian, so how do you remain… Write ‘Pray’ on your pencil case to remind you to pray for those around you. When you put on your uniform, you are not just representing your school, remember you are also representing Jesus.
• What relationship do you want with a plane? You want to be onboard the plane, not behind, not beside. It is the same with Jesus.

While the talks are great, for us leaders, the best parts of the weekend are all those little moments we share with the youth: laughing together as we play the story game, telling jokes as we walk up that annoying hill, bonding over freezing in the tent, singing to pop songs in the cars and the bus, drinking tea at a café, playing soccer as a team. We love these moments because they are the ones that build up our group. They are the moments that we share and show God’s love for each other.

If you want to know more about Kyck, ask a youth! Let them encourage you as you encourage them.

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