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Written by Anthony Douglas on 11 May 2019.

Vote4You’ve had people telling you this for weeks now. You might even have received a personal telephone call from the Prime Minister. So I figured I would just pile on.

Some will tell you which candidate you should vote for. Some will tell you which candidate you should not vote for. They may wave brightly coloured pieces of paper at you. Fortunately, we don’t allow children to vote, so you can freely ignore anyone who treats you like a child!

Some will give you instructions about how to vote - how many numbers to place on each ballot, and what different choices you have about how you can fill yours in. Well, that’s helpful, but perhaps not enough.

Some will tell you which candidate’s success will make your life better the most. But if that’s not true for other people’s lives as well, it’s not much help - because we’re meant to love our neighbour as ourself.

Some will tell you which issues you should consider as you weigh up your vote. I’ve done that myself. And that can be helpful in raising things you haven’t considered - like how to weigh environmental vs humanitarian factors, or social justice against fairness in taxation policy, or foreign aid compared to refugee conditions. If only there were a clear cut leader on all of these...

So I will tell you something that will help: vote prayerfully, and trust God with the outcome. For he is the only individual who can determine the winner, and thankfully he selects governments for our good. Let’s pray before we vote, and then pray some more once the votes are tallied, for our leaders make such difficult choices every single day, and need God’s aid.

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