Written by Anthony Douglas on 02 June 2019.

‘When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place...,’ David mused in Psalm 8:3, and he could well have gone on. After all, while there is certainly extraordinary beauty to be seen in the vastness of space, it is just as true that it can be found in the minutest details of the natural world. Whether it’s the cuteness of a young foal or the perfect spiral of a pine cone, the delicate fragrance of a camellia flower or the awesome power of a single wave, this world is an astonishing work of genius.

And yet, in the midst of that, David realises, the pinnacle of creation is the human being. Each of us can and should praise God as we appreciate the wonder of this world and the wisdom of its maker.

churchbldg2And yet, David did not see far enough. For the true pinnacle of God’s new creation is the mystery of Christ, the now revealed intent of God to make us human beings into one church. It is this inconceivable achievement that staggers the powers of this dark age (Ephesians 3:10).

In other words, what we do when we gather together on a Sunday - or through the week, in smaller groups - what we do is the most marvellous thing in the world. Literally: the world marvels at what our little old church does together. We read God’s word, we pray, we sing our praises. There is nothing more important taking place in our world than this.

It’s not to be missed!

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