Building for the Future

Written by Anthony Douglas on 20 October 2012.

TronFor just over two centuries, Christians have been meeting in a church in Glasgow called St George’s Tron - an odd name, perhaps, but a great church. William Phillip, the senior minister, gave the conference talks at CMS Summer School in Katoomba in 2009. It’s a good church, working hard at reaching the lost in the middle of the city.

Three years ago, the Church of Scotland decided that it was prepared to ordain homosexual ministers. Last year, it affirmed its decision by doing so.  This year, it refused to confirm that its churches were reserved for worshipping Jesus alone. The mind boggles. And so in June, St George’s Tron seceded from the Church of Scotland.

In the last couple of weeks, the Kirk has struck back. The denomination has begun legal action against the church to evict the congregations and claim the buildings and parish bank accounts. It’s also taking action against the senior minister and some of his staff.

The congregation has poured time and money into their church, and now they stand to lose it all ... but they can rejoice that they have been building for the future. They have built disciples of Jesus; they have built relationships of love and fellowship. Our security is not found in bricks and mortar or pounds and pence, but in the risen Lord Jesus. May they, and we, continue to trust in him alone!

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