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Category: Matthew 21-28 - Regicide
Number of Subcategories: 10
Matthew 21 - Showing Up Files: 2

When Caesar entered Rome as the conquering hero, he started the countdown on his assassination. Is history repeating?

Matthew 21-22 - The Unwanted Guest Files: 2

It looks like Jesus is picking a fight, but perhaps he’s just answering the question.

Matthew 22 - Lost For Words Files: 2

Either Jesus is really dumb, or his opponents are. But he’s the one doing all the talking...

Matthew 23 - Inside and Out Files: 2

It’s a Tale of One City, and it ends as it began. I guess that makes it the Triumphal Exit.

Matthew 24 - On Time Files: 2

Jesus’ advice to the first generation of survivalists makes no mentions of bunkers or canned food—but they should still make themselves ready.

Matthew 25 - Theres Two Types. Files: 2

Two types of people in the world, but we keep changing the categories. Not this time, though.

Matthew 26 - To Make Preparations Files: 2

Everyone is getting ready for what’s coming, though few of them understand it.

Matthew 26-27 - Cross-Examination Files: 2

Jesus might look like he’s the only one on trial, but it’s the cast of characters around him who will be truly tested by the crucifixion.

Matthew 27 - The Crown Files: 2

As Jesus is led to his death, the question Matthew wants us to consider is this: what do we think we’re doing?

Matthew 27-28 - The Gardener Files: 2

We all know the happy ending at the first Easter, but if you look closely, it seems Jesus has forgotten his lines. There’s something else going on here!

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