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It's Happening Again!

Do you find that you always get to this time of year and think to yourself, ‘Already?’ The summer has somehow slipped away, and all the things you’d intended to get done have not quite made it. The garden is still in want of attention, and that repair job on the house that you’d left for finer weather is wondering how much finer it could have been. Last year’s spring clean that was forgotten is now going to happen in the northern hemisphere’s spring ... that’s  right, isn’t it ...?

We keep making new resolutions for each new year, but often what we really need is instead a revolution - we need to see complete change in ourselves. Every set of failed resolutions becomes that year’s reminder of how stubborn we are at not improving ourselves. And that’s before we get to the list of all the ways that other people would like to see us change!

People often think that Christians are in it for the final reward, and let’s face it, the idea of living for eternity in a world restored to perfection is pretty attractive. But this should not obscure that one of the very greatest of delights about following Jesus is that he does enable us to change, in many and substantial ways, in this life.

RevolutionWe might be frustrated with ourselves, but we can look back and see how God’s Spirit has sanded away some of our rough edges. We can read the stories of people from times past whose lives were completely transformed by God’s grace. And we get to rejoice as we see his handiwork in our brothers and sisters, as we share life together here at church.

The revolution isn’t coming: it’s already underway...

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