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A Good News Story

IvanJust over two years ago, the Bishop of Western Sydney, Ivan Lee, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Ivan had always been full of energy, but the disease was serious and moving quickly, so the treatment was urgent and full-throated. Ivan spent a number of months pretty much wiped out.

After a time, he was able to return to work on very reduced hours - a frustration when you’re already feeling like so much time was lost - but he bore it with good humour.

We’ve been praying for Ivan and Virginia through those last two years, and God has been good. Ivan’s chemotherapy left him with little need for a barber for most of that time, but now look at the man I ran into at Synod! He’s back to full strength and brimming with enthusiasm. The old Ivan is back...

It’s not necessarily the end of the story: the cancer could return, and if it does, it will be back with a vengeance. For now, however, we can rejoice that the prayers of many have been heard.

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