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The News

Latest NewsIt’s a new year, and if last year was anything to go by, there’ll be all sorts of new things happening in our world. No doubt you’re hoping to be the cause of some of them yourself - perhaps you’ve made some resolution, or there’s some kind of life change coming, or you’re planning to try some new hobby.

And what a relief! Last year had plenty of things to regret; perhaps 2018 will do better. It’s got a new slate to work with, at any rate. We like new because we see so many problems with old. Old age has its challenges; old ways of doing things are less effective; old cars rust out.

I think that’s why we call it ‘the news’. It could have been the ‘recents’, or the ‘presents’, but as a culture we went with news, because it’s hopeful in tone - something we need when so much of the content is not so promising.

The truth, though, is that we’re waiting for the big news. So far the biggest, the best, has been the gospel of Jesus’ death and resurrection for us, but there’s a bigger story coming. One day, he’ll return, and all our news will instantly become olds. All will fade into shadows at the glory of that day.

So we as God’s people celebrate each new day, because we know it brings us closer to the New Day. Yet while we wait, there are new things to do, new ways to grow, new works that we can do to love and serve our great God.

Happy New Day!

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