Weekly Services

We have three weekly Sunday services, each defined by their faithful teaching.

8.30am Service

Our 8:30 am service is the more traditional of our services, but still more friendly than formal.

The service follows one of the forms set out in Sunday Services which is a more contemporary version of An Australian Prayer Book, and hymns are quite popular.

10.15am Service

The 10.15am service is our more contemporary service. This service offers a kids program where kids can grow in their faith under loving guidance and teaching. The service is designed to be family friendly, it is possible to hold a baby and participate fully in the service! We also have a cry room, but we don't mind the noise. The service has a mix of old and new songs and is full of people of all ages. This service is also livestreamed to YouTube for those who cannot meet in person. Here is the link to our YouTube page.


5.00pm Service

The 5.00pm service is our night church and is designed to have a more relaxed atmosphere, for both young and old. It is a great chance to hear faithful teaching and encourage one another.


Special Services

Easter Services:

Our Good Friday service is at 9:00am, as we gather to remember Jesus' death for us. We make sure we share in the Lord's Supper, as a reminder of our union with Christ. Stay around after the service - there's hot cross buns aplenty!

On Easter Sunday, our services are at their regular times, but the extra sense of rejoicing at our certain hope of eternal life makes it a highlight of the year.

Christmas Eve Carols Service

Christmas is an opportunity to reflect on the goodness of God in sending his Son to rescue us. At St Peter's, we gather both on Christmas Eve and then again on Christmas Day. The service on Christmas Eve begins at 6:00pm, and includes an abundance of carols, designed especially for families, and will engage the youngest kids while still encouraging all other ages.

Christmas Day Service

The Christmas Day service meets at 9.00am, and while more traditional, is still suitable for the whole family, and a special time for our community to celebrate our Lord's birth together. Even if you're not a regular member of our church, we'd love you to join us.


If you would like your child baptised or dedicated, or you would like to receive an adult baptism, then contact Rick Lewers and he will arrange a time to discuss what is involved with you.

Baptisms are usually conducted during our 10:15 service, so that the whole family of God can welcome those who are baptised into our fellowship.


A Christian funeral is a time to share your grief. We will meet with the family to work out the most appropriate way to do that, and will compassionately look to serve you in a difficult time. Your funeral director will normally begin arrangements on your behalf, but you are most welcome to contact Rick Lewers directly if you prefer.