Freedom Day

They called it freedom Monday. But freedom for what? 

It’s great for business to be free to operate even if the freedom is limited. Relationally it’s a blessing to be able to sit with one another and talk over a coffee mindful that freedom seems to allude the unvaccinated. It’s a happy experience freely playing golf in a foursome though I know some golfers who feels imprisoned to their swing. And while the Regional can’t cross the borders into Greater Sydney and vice versa, freedom to travel outside your LGA is something. 

O the bliss of being free! But is anyone truly free? Can our freedom be disappointing? 

Well it most certainly would be disappointing if people use their freedom for evil. Freedom can be a real danger when one’s universe revolves around self where freedom is capitalised in the very personal pronoun “I”. Being free to do what “I” want sounds attractive but, “I”, lives in community and must trade in the commodity of relationships. The great problem with “I’s” freedom is its grasping nature. But to grasp would suggest we are not free but imprisoned to the things we grasp for.  

An immature freedom may express itself without concern for other and in endangerment to self. 

Freedom is something we all want but are we mature enough to know what to do with our freedom or will the joy of our freedom be short lived?  

The Christian world view embraces God as a gracious giver whose governing concern is our welfare. True freedom is to be found in our surrender to God, not self. But what kind of freedom is it with commands to love God and love your neighbour? 

Well its a safe and properly contextualised freedom. It’s a world view that includes sins forgiven, a freedom from guilt and condemnation. It’s a world view where resurrection takes our fear of death out of the equations freeing us from our addictions and grasping. It’s a freedom best expressed in Jesus Christ who used his freedom in losing life in order to give life to others. That is freedom expressed maturely. So as one mature person to other mature people let us embrace our freedoms and the gifts of God and be a gift of God to others. Finally, this moment in time is a wonderful opportunity for parents to teach our children about freedom