When Life Erodes

I love our Shoalhaven Heads beach but in recent times it has suffered some serious seas and tides and the erosion has been awful. Erosion of our beach impacts a joyful playground for many and even presents danger if not careful. It is amazing what an untamed force like the ocean can do to our coast. Like most things in life there is no shortage of people with opinions on how to fix it. Perhaps some suggestions will be helpful but the idea that we can master the ocean is hopeful at best and a foolish arrogance at worst. There is no promise when it comes to stopping the erosion.

That picture is not unlike the picture of sin except that there is an answer and a promise to the erosion sin causes. Sin is rebellion against God, trespass on God’s patch, missing the mark of God’s wise direction. It erodes relationship with God until a person lives as though God does not exist or doesn’t matter. It makes a person blind and deaf to the things of God and breathless without Him. Dead in our trespasses and sins as the Bible puts it.  But that is not where sin stops. In fact it can’t stop. If sin can erode your relationship with God, the erosion of other relationships is inevitable as sin always promotes self over others. It ruins the joyful playgrounds of life and presents dangers for all. And that danger is each of us.

There are no shortage of people who claim answers but all struggle because sin erodes our Godless answers away. 

The answer is really quite simple and its God’s answer. If rebelling against God is the problem then reconciliation with God has to hold the answer. But if you are the rebel, blind, deaf or dead in sin it is a no brainer that we are not the answer and in need of a saviour. 

The Bible makes clear that where we fail God succeeds. To stop the erosion of human sin God sent His only Son to pay the debt, to forgive the rebel, to raise us to life, to stop the erosion, and by His Spirit to work righteousness in us that brings joy to the playground. 

If you are a Christian you have much to be thankful for. If you are a rebel there is still hope for you but you must come to Christ for the erosion to stop.

God Bless