Revelation 2:1-17

Join us at our Sunday Services

8:30am Service

Our 8:30am service is more traditional, though certainly not stuffy

10:15am Service

Our 10:15am service is more contemporary in style, and designed to suit all ages


Night Church @ 6pm

Our evening service is a youth gathering, but attracts some who are just young at heart, and they're always welcome!

Coming events

  • Two Builders

    TWO BUILDER The Bible is full of wisdom if you are prepared to look. In fact we quote its wisdom sometimes not even realising where it comes from. “Do unto...

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  • Remembrance

    TWO REMEMBRANCES Remembrance Day is such an important day in the Australian Calendar. A day that celebrates the end of hostilities. A day we remembers those who risked life itself...

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  • Two Destinations

    TWO DESTINATION God is really quite liberating when you think of Him. He allows you to draw your own conclusions and consequences. Your belief doesn’t make God exist as He...

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  • Freedom Day

    They called it freedom Monday. But freedom for what?  It’s great for business to be free to operate even if the freedom is limited. Relationally it’s a blessing to be...

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